Lightweight Steel Planters

Campania International's lightweight steel planters are made of steel sheets 1.2 mm thick. The natural oxidation of the surface is chemically accelerated until the desired rust coloration is achieved. The surface patina is then stabilized and further oxidation is prevented by the application of a chemical sealer. 

If used outdoors, it is recommended that an appropriate sealer is applied to maintain the surface finish and prevent oxidation. If not sealed, the planters will darken and rust. If oxidation does occur, rust may leach onto the ground surface with the potential to stain. 

Each planter is raised on attached feet to limit contact with the ground surface and to permit air circulation below the planter to reduce moisture. Avoid the collection of standing water in the bottom of the planter, which can cause rusting and deterioration. 

  • Each planter is shipped with drainage holes
  • Recommended for outdoor/indoor use
  • Frost resistant
  • Natural aging is expected
  • The use of fertilizers or other chemicals can effect the planter's appearance
  • Continuous and prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause slight color fading
  • Because each planter is handmade, shape, size, and color may vary slightly